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Introducing Manual Osteopathy!

Do you suffer from chronic pain and have tried everything without finding relief? What if there was a treatment modality that you'd never heard of that was drug-free and very effective at relieving all types of chronic pain? Introducing Manual Osteopathy!

Manual Osteopathy is a system of realigning the body and releasing muscle tension that was invented by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in the 1800s. (In fact, Manual Osteopathy was the forerunner of the practice of Chiropractic, which most people have heard of and experienced for themselves.) Manual Osteopathy is a gentle therapy that combines a variety of modalities such as joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, visceral mobilization, myofascial release, and counterstrain techniques to release muscle tension. The Manual Osteopath views the body as a whole unit and therefore will treat many different areas of the body in one session, not just the area that is experiencing chronic pain.

Manual Osteopathy recognizes the intrinsic link between the emotional state and the physical state through the nervous system and therefore treatment is calming and relaxing. While the Osteopathic Manual Practitioner is tractioning your joints and stretching your muscles, you may just find yourself falling asleep on the table! If you haven't been able to get the kink out of your neck, or your back, or your shoulder with any other type of therapy, Manual Osteopathy may be just what you've been looking for!

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